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Clear span tent application--------What can clear span tent used for?

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Good quality Luxury Wedding Tents for sales
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Clear span tent application--------What can clear span tent used for?

Clear span tent application--------What can clear span tent used for?
FASTUP TENT is a tent manufacturer with 13 years, specilized in aluminum frame tent manufacturing, from A frame tent, pagoda tent, curve tent, arcum tent, geodesic tent, polygonal tent, hexagonal tent, multi-side tent, double decker tent, etc. 
Clear span tent is a A frame standard design. 3m to 60m clear span width, and no limitation in length of 3m or 5m per section, the tent could be installed small or big size by increasing or decreasing each section. Also, easier for transportation and convenient to move different place, These flexible performance makes Clear Span tent more and more popular in many countries in past years. But do you know What is application can clear span tent used for? Below are the introduction of our clear span tent’s application.

1.For Wedding& Party& Event
How to hold a valuable and unforgettable wedding, party or event ? In the past, people always hold the wedding , party or event in a hall, house or hotel, this traditional way is out of date now. Do you want a special one? What you need is a distinctive& high quality tent which is hold outside install on grass land, near beach, in the park etc, you can feel the flavor of nature and appreciate the beauty landscape. Clear span tent not only looks beautiful from outside, it’s inside also can become pretty as you want, decorating with lining & curtain, lighting, carpet. The tables could be square or round tables, it usually 10 chairs for each table, choose a table cover and chairs cover color as your like, it can put some pretty flower vessels on the tables for decoration. Whatever a sacred wedding, luxury party, special event, Clear span tent from Fastup Tent can give you a special and indelible memory.

2.For meeting & Church
Clear Span tent not only for wedding, party and event, it also available for meeting and church tent. The tent inside arrangement will be different as wedding & party & event tent. Put a stage in front, and chairs face to the stage. Meeting tent and Church tent always no tables inside, so it always spacious and can place many chairs than wedding tent. The chairs can be placed to different location and leave several corridor according to the tent size.

3.For exhibition&trade show
Boredom with the traditional exhibition & trade show building ? The exhibiton effect not so good as expecting? Do you want a creative mobile exhibition tent to catch your customer’s eyes? The clear span exhibition & trade show tent from Fastup Tent has the performance of distinctive apperance, moveable, easier to assemble and dismantle, convenient for transportation. You could catch the chance to display your products to your customer group any time any where

4.For sports & sports event
As clear span tent is flexible in size, high standard quality, moveable to different place, it also workable as sports tent and sports event tent. For sports tent, it ‘s larger space and short construction period makes the tent could used for swimming pool cover, tennis court, football field and skating rink. For sports event, it could be a temporary auditoriam to accomodate specific quantity of people to watch match.

5.For warehouse & storage
The traditional warehouse & storage required land approvel, higher rental cost, long construction time, difficult place option. Nowadays, with development of society, the demands of warehouse for different enterprise is keep increasing, demand exceeds supply. Why not choose a institute that is low cost, movable system, more flexible land option and quickly installation system? Our clear span warehouse tent with ABS hard wall, Sandwich wall and automated electromotion rolling door, it also posses character of durable, strong, safe as traditional warehouse & Storage.

Clear span tent’s widely application makes it more and more popular in many countries and regions at present. Fastup Tent will continue keep doing good quality tent and research & develop new products to meet people’s different demands.
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